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Ben is a freelance photographer and writer based out of Coastal British Columbia.  He also works as an Assistant Expedition Leader running logistics and executing trips in the Arctic and Antarctica.  His goal as a photographer and general human being is to inspire people to go a little further, break out of their comfort zone, and discover new places and experiences at home or abroad.  He specialize in taking photos of the activities he is most passionate about: remote travel and expeditions, action sports, and the underwater world. 

A life in the outdoors has given him an unbound appreciation and respect for the natural world which has fuelled his curiosity for exploration.  This has moulded his photography and personality, allowing him to find a different angle on images and life.  The feeling of exploration and possibility for new adventures drives his photography!

Ben's passion for travel and photography have been synonymous since a young age and his desire to explore and document what lies around the next corner has taken him on countless adventures and expeditions in over 40 countries on all 7 continents.  Surfing, climbing, and mountain biking have all been major catalysts, pushing him to go a little deeper into the unknown.  Ben use photography to communicate the amazing places he sees and people he meets to create awareness and a connection, be it for protection of an area or to inspire someone to go see it for themselves.  Thank you for checking out his interpretation of life!


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